We develop branding strategies - by unifying your image, message, and communication strategy to be concise and memorable.

Brand Marketing Strategy

Your organization has an identity all its own. It has its own personality and it even speaks with its own voice. We are experts at capturing these fundamentals to express exactly what you need to say, and how you need to say it.

Creative Production

In every way a brand expresses itself, each component is designed to contribute to the personality of the brand. We connect brands with people by crafting stories — through design — that resonate on a deeper level.


We love working directly with business owners in all industries and markets. As your creative partner, we will create and implement strategies to take advantage of your brand's unique opportunities.

Krative® by the numbers

Because why not? These counters are trendy.

Years in Business
Pet Fish
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A highly talented & incredibly passionate team.

We believe in being small and thinking big; a core team of creative minds that is lean and nimble.

Founder & CEO

Rick Callahan

Having worked with business owners since 2001, Rick has realized his role as a leader and creative visionary of his own right. Rick acts as the Krative® CEO, often seeking the next big opportunity for Krative®. Within the organization, Rick often consults with clients regarding their branding and marketing strategies. Rick has founded the Sprout internship Program and the Let’s Grow My Biz workshop series.

Fun Fact: Rick wears fun socks.

What inspires Rick: Connecting with others, enjoying nature, running, creativity, psychology, and food.


Samantha Mudry

Since joining Krative® in early 2011, Samantha has established her role as a core member of the team. Samantha knows the “Krative way” and applies it to all things production. Whether she is creating websites, content, graphics, social media strategies, blog posts, email blasts, or training clients on various marketing platforms, Samantha can — and does — it all.

Fun Fact: According to, Samantha is related to Shirley Temple and Katherine Hepburn. It's true, the internet said so.

What inspires Samantha: The three F's - fashion, flowers, and food.


Andrew Rondinone

If a particular project needs extra creative attention, we call on Andrew. He’s our goto for impeccable design. With a deep understanding of design strategy and a breadth of creative skills, Andrew lends his talents on special projects. He is just as passionate about design as owners are about their businesses. To learn more about Andrew and his creative ventures, visit: .

Fun Fact: Andrew loves to travel and can frequently be found traveling along the eastern seaboard.

What inspires Andrew: "Inspiration is for amateurs - the rest of us just show up and get to work" -Chuck Close

Welcoming Committee

Everette the Boston Terrier

Everette is vital to the creative process at Krative®. He spreads joy to the team and clients alike. Whether he decides it’s time for someone to take a mental break and go for a walk or perhaps get the blood flowing by playing fetch, he is always ready to help when he's needed.

Fun Fact: Everette loves to army-crawl and roll around on his back. He also does a great pig impression.

What inspires Everette: Making his dad proud and smelling flowers before destroying them.

The rest of the crew

The Krative® Aquarium

We have a happy family of fish, crabs, and coral to keep us entertained, to inspire us when we need it, and to feed daily — We are responsible and caring folk, after all.


Cooler than any ol' internship, our unique Sprout Program focuses on three values:
Play, Learn, Grow.

Learn more about the Sprout Program.


Do you see yourself thriving here? Inquire about employment opportunities.

We're Proud of What We Do

Explore some of our notable projects below.

The Healing Corner

The Healing Corner

Brand Identity Development

The Healing Corner

The Healing Corner

Brand Identity Development

Odyssey Advisors

Odyssey Advisors


Veloce Engineering

Veloce Engineering


Patron Tequila

Patron Tequila


Vicolo Mio

Vicolo Mio





Nexus Design

Nexus Design


Green Eyed Nutrition

Green Eyed Nutrition


Kiwi Spoon

Kiwi Spoon





Hug - Jack Mitchell

Hug - Jack Mitchell



We focus on successful brand development and execution, anchored in strategy. Our process links strategy and results through quality design.

img Brand and Identity Development

Brand & Identity Development

It's not what you do, it's why you do it.

You and your organization's brand have specific core values. We will tap into these to capture the essence of your brand in order to thoughtfully portray them in your marketing.

Logos are only part of a brand's identity.

A well-designed logo is what people will recognize. A properly executed identity — based on core values — will create the personality & experience of your brand to resonate with people on a deeper level. This distinction will keep them coming back for more.

All customers are people. Not all people are ideal customers.

Your target customers may have an idea of what they want and you definitely have what they're searching for. Our job is to craft successful communication strategies and align them to the correct audiences.

Marketing Consulting

Partnering with you to make your business achieve more.

You're great at doing what you do. Let us focus on what we do great — growing your business to become everything you've dreamed it to be. Once we help you to implement initial marketing components, we will then utilize those pieces to create long-lasting marketing strategies.

Maintaining a consistent brand experience

We partner with many of our clients to keep their brand experience up to date and consistent across all mediums, from web and social media to traditional print design and advertising.

Marketing Consulting img

"Krative® has been an invaluable resource as we continue to expand our national footprint. I can wholeheartedly recommend Krative® to any firm looking for marketing & branding support as well as a professional website."

- Parker Elmore, Odyssey Advisors

"I have had the fortunate opportunity to work with the Krative® team for a variety of projects over the last five years. It has been an absolute pleasure working closely alongside this dynamic group to create exceptional web experiences. The guys really know their stuff and they just get it."

- Scott Marz, Clear Media Management on behalf of Conair, Corp.

"Simply amazing! The Krative® team's creativity and passion for helping is astounding. I cannot recommend Krative® enough to everyone I know!"

- Doreen Godfrey, Vicolo Mio

"I was very intimidated by the idea of developing a website and marketing plan for my business. Krative® made the process not so scary and in fact fun. I now I have a website and marketing materials that I am very proud of."

- Amy Baertschi, Green Eyed Nutrition

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