Brand Positioning Workbook Make your brand stand above the rest

With this straight-forward 24-page workbook, you'll gain the same clarity for your brand that Krative has provided hundreds of clients across the US.

core values

What you will learn

1. The core values of your brand

Everything your brand stands for and represents should come from a solid foundation based on core values. These are often associated with the "why" of your brand.

2. How to convey your brand's value proposition

This workbook will instruct you on how to use framing to convey the unique value proposition of your brand.

competitive landscape

3. Where your brand is positioned in a competitive landscape

Sometimes it can be good to be seen as a brand among certain players in the market. Yet other times it is even better to stand apart from the crowd. This workbook will help to define both of these elements for your brand's strategic positioning in the marketplace.

4. How to make strategic decisions using your brand positioning statement

Difficult decisions regarding your business' products, services, marketing, new hires, and operational standards become far simpler to resolve when you and your team know exactly what your brand's positioning is.

brand positioning

Meet the author

Rick Callahan Founder / CEO of Krative, LLC

Rick has worked with hundreds of business owners, entrepreneurs, marketing directors, and C-suite executives to more effectively position their brands.

Rick Callahan is an entrepreneur dedicated to growth. He started his first business at the age of 22 in a sublet office within a manufacturing facility in Meriden, CT. 

Today, he is the founder and CEO of Krative – a branding, design, and marketing agency in the heart of New Haven, CT.

As Krative's CEO, he is often seeking the next big opportunity for Krative. He currently serves as the lead brand strategist and consultant for Krative's client engagements.

Your brand Positioning is key to standing apart from competitors

With this brand positioning workbook, you'll go through step-by-step at your own pace to:


  • Discover what makes your brand unique
  • Learn why your brand is a better choice over (perceived) competitors
  • Communicate your brand's unique value proposition for your ideal target markets

Brand Positioning Workbook

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