BRANDING For Success

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Brand Core Values Cards at Krative

Core Values Do you know your brand's "why"?

Or perhaps why it does what it does,
the way it does it, or who it does it for?

These are the sort of insights we seek to uncover when performing a brand discovery workshop or consult.

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Brand Identity More than just a logo... it's a system

The most effective brands are those which are consistent. Defining and designing your brand means knowing how it will express itself to those that it aims to serve.

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ReBranding To rebrand or not to rebrand?

Sometimes you may need to align your vision and real-world reputation with how you present, market, and sell yourself. On a minimal scale, this may be called aligning a brand's positioning – on a larger scale, it is often referred to as a rebrand.

Either way, this is an effective tool to re-position your brand in the marketplace to convey the right message to the right audiences.