Rick Callahan at Krative's office

Rick Callahan
Founder & CEO of Krative LLC

Brand Coaching
for Startups?

Krative has limited availability for 1on1 coaching with Rick Callahan, the Founder and CEO of Krative. Helping Startups Discover Their Brands

Brand Coaching Coaching for small to mid-size businesses and startups

Now you can have a brand coach to increase your startup's chances of success--without breaking the bank.

We have worked with many entrepreneurs that need help figuring out how to define and build their companies' brand identities.

If your startup doesn't have a brand strategy, you're already at risk of losing market share to your competitors.

We work with you to understand your brand's mission, vision, and goals so you can stand out to your ideal customers.

Krative has a refined its proven Branding For Success Methodology over the years, to help startups through fortune 500 companies to increase the effectiveness of their brands. With our methodology we've helped existing businesses to build brands they love and that stand out from the crowd, while also helping startups to define and implement a stunning vision for their brand.

If you are ready to launch, develop, and/or grow your brand the let's get started over a free initial consultation.


With Brand Coaching you will:

  • Receive 2 monthly sessions with your coach:
    • 1x Strategy Session (up to 1hr)
    • 1x Check In Session (20 mins.)
  • Discover what drives your brand toward success.
  • Get your questions answered directly by a brand strategist and business consultant.
  • Learn how to build a brand strategy that can never fail... completely.
  • Finally figure out the way to properly convey the value of your brand's offerings to your target markets!

Rick Callahan Founder / CEO of Krative, LLC

I started as a freelance graphic and web designer around the age of 14. I then formed my first business at the age of 22 in a sublet office within a manufacturing facility. Since then I have been involved in a multitude of businesses and initiatives, from which I've been described as an entrepreneur dedicated to growth.

Now, fourteen years later, I've formed my brand strategy, design, and marketing agency, Krative. With this organization I have have helped many hundreds of passionate business owners, entrepreneurs, and executives to more effectively achieve their goals.

Through a unique methodology we turn their beliefs and core values into the driving force that moves them toward a larger vision – one that is true to their sense of purpose in better serving others.

Krative designer standing with laptop

Agency Services Krative offers full-service branding, strategy, marketing, and design services for all sizes of organizations. If you are looking for a capable & creative team to bring your brand to the next level then choose one of the services listed below.

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