Core Values of a Brand

Let’s talk core values

No matter what your organization does, why it does it
will rarely change – that much.
– Rick Callahan, Founder/CEO of Krative, LLC

A large aspect to positioning a brand is understanding the “core values” of an organization.

Other marketing-types may call this the “underlying beliefs”, “corporate DNA”, and to some extent “corporate culture”.

We choose to stick with the term “Core Values” as it is our belief that these are deep-rooted truths which are intrinsic to the deep motivations that drive an organization’s culture and therefor shapes its guiding principles.

With well-defined core values a brand has the foundational rubric to assist in deciding any and all important matters within the organization. From key hires, products & services offered, target markets, to the decision-making processes themself – core values guide a brand to make decisions with integrity.

We feel it is important to capture this when trying to accurately position that brand in the market place.