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Gateway Community College, a pillar in the New Haven community, enriches the lives of students from diverse backgrounds with exceptional offerings and opportunities. When it became part of the CT State Community College system in 2023, Gateway's priority was to preserve its distinct identity and community reputation, assuring stakeholders that their longstanding mission and values remained steadfast.

CT State - Gateway


Our partnership with Gateway primarily focused on refining their brand positioning, establishing a unique presence among the other eleven community colleges within CT State. With a customized communication strategy, we highlighted the significance of tailoring brand messaging for various target markets, including alumni, students and families, donors, internal faculty and staff, and community partners.

To seamlessly integrate the new CT State brand while retaining Gateway's traditional visual identity, we designed a range of marketing collateral pieces. From captivating email templates to engaging flyers, dynamic social media templates, and elevated event invitations, each piece harmoniously fused the new identity with the familiarity that Gateway's community has come to embrace.

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