Elite Capital Management Group, a pioneer in the financial industry, exclusively provides institutional money management services to credit unions. Despite their establishment in 2007, Elite Capital had not previously invested in their branding and marketing. Collaborating closely, we embarked on a transformative journey to build a brand that authentically embodies their values and expertise.

Elite Capital


Our partnership commenced with a comprehensive brand discovery phase, unearthing their driving philosophies and unique value proposition. Recognizing their leadership status and best-kept secret reputation, our mission was clear: to reveal their distinct value to the market.

Guided by the core values of confidence and integrity, we ventured into the design phase. We crafted a new logo, seamlessly blending the industry's traditional essence with a bold and contemporary look that reflects professionalism and leadership.

The brand's visual identity found its culmination in a striking website, intentionally aligned with Elite Capital's brand strategy. Embracing a dynamic and powerful approach, the site showcases compelling language alongside captivating background videography, subtly reflecting their overarching metaphor: Formula One racing. This metaphor symbolizes the pivotal role Elite Capital assumes as credit unions' race engineer, subtly reinforced throughout the site and in accompanying marketing materials.

Our ongoing collaboration includes marketing consulting and creative production. From designing impactful banner ads to crafting informative marketing collateral such as whitepapers, sales sheets, and presentation decks, our efforts are anchored in Elite Capital's aspiration to communicate thought leadership effectively and become renowned for their expertise. Every initiative is thoughtfully curated, keeping their communication strategy at the forefront.

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