How to Provide Value as an Entrepreneur

At Krative, we pride ourselves on the work we perform with passionate business owners.  By working with entrepreneurs that have passion, we are able to get behind and fully support their vision to bring value to the world.  Krative’s philosophy of helping entrepreneurs succeed is central to how we conduct business. 

Rick’s Journey from an Idea to Krative

Rick, the founder and CEO of Krative, has persisted throughout his entrepreneurial journey, developing the same philosophy we now use to help our clients – achieving vision through brand strategy.  

Rick’s journey started as a 14 year graphic design hobbyist, taking projects wherever and whenever he could to gain experience.  Over time, he moved through multiple ventures involving design and marketing services. However, he soon found that he wasn’t fulfilled with the work being performed because his clients weren’t understanding the value he was trying to provide.  As a result, Rick began to lose sight of the value in his own offerings. He saw the services he provided becoming increasingly commoditized.

But Rick didn’t allow this to discourage him.  He realized that the clients that he served best were those which had the most passion and conviction in their businesses. Rick had a passion for providing branding and marketing strategy to these passionate business owners. Eventually, this led to the creation of Krative – a branding and marketing strategy agency which prides itself on providing value to the world through business partnerships.  By applying his purpose and passion in Krative, Rick put an emphasis on giving, not taking. He worried less about pushing for profits and instead centered his focus around a strong desire to help others achieve their entrepreneurial vision; in turn, it helped him materialize his own.

Is Entrepreneurship for You?

Like Rick, you too can develop your own philosophy for providing value with your business.  If you’re an individual with a purpose and desire to use passion to provide a product or service addressing pain points or creating value for specific target markets, then you’re half-way there.

Here are a few questions you can ask yourself:

Is there anything I can start today?

Chances are there is.  Starting a business which creates value starts the moment you give value to someone else. Are there places in your life which you are already providing value for others? Just dedicating a few focused hours each week to your passion will go a long way.  Small, disciplined acts will compound into increased opportunity later. 

Am I managing my time well?

It’s easy to put things off for another day, we all do it.  Except, the longer you put things off, the more likely you’ll never get to them.  Take control of your time management now and you will soon reap the rewards. Start tracking your tasks in a planner or reminder app on your phone and stick to your deadlines.  Eventually, you will see yourself become more productive and decisive about your goals.  

Are you willing to surround yourself with mentors and friends that are going to push you to pursue your passion?

We’re only as good as the people we surround ourselves with.  If you hang with friends with no ambition, you will have none- its simple.  A motivated and hungry circle will push you when you want to be lazy; they will help you when you feel lost and defeated.  Don’t underestimate the power of support. 

Do you see yourself as an entrepreneur struggling to provide (or convey) value?

Our CEO, Rick offers coaching to entrepreneurs looking to grow. For a free initial consult head over to our contact page – or call (855) KRATIVE – to schedule your session. Otherwise, to learn more check out our Insights on marketing, branding, and strategy and Krative’s Methodology.

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