Key Social Media Metrics Every Small Business Should Track

Tracking the right social media metrics can help you refine your content strategy and grow your business. Here’s a brief overview of key metrics, what they mean, and how to leverage them.

Engagement: Interactions like likes, comments, saves and shares.

High engagement shows content is valuable. Low engagement signals the need for more compelling content. By understanding what kinds of posts have better engagement, you can replicate those posts to enhance your content strategy moving forward. 

Impressions: Total times your content is displayed.

High impressions but low engagement suggests content isn’t compelling. Use this metric to see how you might be able to enhance your content and boost the engagement-to-impressions ratio. 

Reach: Number of unique users who see your content.

High reach = good brand awareness. Low engagement with high reach means content may not resonate. This is similar to impressions in that a high reach with low engagement means the content is not performing too well. 

Follower Growth: Increase or decrease in followers over time.

Steady growth indicates rising interest. Spikes or drops reflect content impact. Monitor your followers to understand campaign effectiveness.

High CTR means content is intriguing. Low CTR suggests weak call-to-action. There’s no strict rule of thumb for what is considered a good vs. bad CTR. Generally, between 3%-5% is considered strong, but this is dependent on the platform and industry. 

Average Time Watched: Average time users spend watching your videos.

This metric applies to content like TikToks, Youtube Shorts, and Instagram Reels. High average watch time indicates engaging content. Low time suggests viewers lose interest quickly. Tip for increasing watch time: create intros with compelling hooks and keep videos concise and relevant. 

Replays: Number of times a video is watched again.

Similar to watch time, this metric applies to content like TikToks, Youtube Shorts, and Instagram Reels. High replay counts indicate highly engaging or valuable content, so you should analyze and replicate the elements of videos that have high replay.

By understanding and leveraging these metrics, you can fine-tune your content strategy, engage your audience, and drive business growth.Looking for help with your business’s social media? We’d love to connect.

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