Affordable Logo Designs for Small Businesses

Brand Identity & Logo Design

Are you a small business looking to create a lasting impression with a professional logo?

We're Krative, a boutique marketing firm specializing in brand strategy.

Our mission is to help businesses, both big and small, elevate their brand identity, increase awareness, engage audiences, and boost revenue.

Why Choose KrativeLOGOS?


Budget Friendly

Get a standout logo design without the hefty price tag. Our fixed rate of $1,200 ensures that top-notch design is within your reach.


Quick Turnaround

We understand the need for speed. With KrativeLOGOS, expect to see your logo concepts within [insert turnaround time] business days.


Skilled Designers

Our team of seasoned designers will craft two distinct logo concepts that capture your brand's essence.


Your Vision, Perfected

Enjoy up to two rounds of revisions on your chosen logo concept to ensure it aligns perfectly with your brand.

How It Works


1. Consultation

Share your business insights and your logo aspirations with us during a brief consultation.


2. Creative Magic

Our team will meticulously craft two unique logo concepts based on your inputs and our expertise.


3. Choose Your Logo

Select the logo concept that resonates with you the most.


4. Logo Refinements

Collaborate with us to refine your chosen logo through rounds of revisions.


5. Your Logo, Your Identity

Once perfected, your logo files will be delivered, ready for immediate use.

Our Work

Ready to elevate your brand with a captivating logo?

Let KrativeLOGOS turn your vision into reality. Start your journey today!


What is Krative Small Business?

KrativeSMB, our small business division, offers cost-effective solutions tailored for small business owners and startups.


Krative's Brand Identity Design

Comprehensive Branding Solutions

Overview of Our Full Branding Service Offering:

Strategic Branding: A deep dive into defining your brand's unique identity.

Brand Identity Creation: Expertly design a distinctive identity (including logo variations) that tells your brand's narrative.

Color Palette Selection: Thoughtfully choose colors that evoke emotions and resonate with your audience.

Typography Expertise: Select fonts that harmonize with your brand's essence.

Precise Brand Guidelines: We will document the rules to maintain consistency across all touchpoints for your brand. These guidelines are comprehensive to the entire brand identity.

Why Opt for Brand Identity Design?

Holistic Branding: A comprehensive approach to constructing a rich brand.

In-Depth Strategy: Thorough analysis ensures your brand harmonizes with your objectives.

Customized to Your Brand: Tailor-made solutions for a brand that genuinely and consistently represents your organization/product/service.


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