Odyssey Advisors

About the Project:

Parker Elmore came to us looking to rebrand his existing company, Primoris Benefit Advisors, a management consulting firm focusing on financial advising and retirement planning. His company was looking to expand in many directions – opening a new location in Las Vegas, NV, hiring new employees, and making a transition to a new brand.

Our team worked closely with Parker to see where his company had been, what it stands for, and where he wanted to take it. Through our branding process, we found that one of their strongest values was approaching retirement planning as a journey – an odyssey towards financial freedom, and the continued growth in life beyond retirement. We unveiled a new company name, Odyssey Advisors, with a full set of brand collateral.

Additionally, the Krative team helped transition Odyssey into its new image through press releases to the public and communication to current clients. We assist in various marketing strategies, such as creating social media and blog posts, planning online and print advertisements, and helping plan new initiatives and PR opportunities for the Odyssey team to engage in.

Learn More: www.odysseyadvisors.com

In their words:

“We highly recommend the team at Krative. A great team helped us design a variety of materials that really sell the new “brand” and the website provided great new functionality for our clients. Beyond that, the team was a pleasure to work with as they constantly brought fresh ideas to the table and challenged us to think bigger. The main selling point for us is they brought an edginess to the project and we didn’t feel like our project was just another task in the queue.”

-Parker Elmore
President & CEO, Odyssey Advisors

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