A few brands we've worked with:

Brand Identity | Web Design


We collaborated with Unum Investigations, LLC to create a brand identity that highlights their commitment to excellence and professionalism in the investigative services industry. Additionally, we designed a sleek website that is easy to navigate, visually appealing, and accurately represents Unum Investigations' exceptional services. The result is a dynamic and engaging brand that effectively conveys their unique strengths and sets them apart from their competitors. We are proud to have worked with Unum Investigations and are confident that their new branding and website will help them attract and retain clients for years to come.

Brand Strategy & Development | Web Design | Marketing Consulting


KNOWN is a space for entrepreneurs, dreamers, and change-makers to connect, work, and grow. Our work with this organization has allowed it to achieve grant funding for initiatives which support artists and entrepreneurs in the local community.

Brand Identity Design | Web Design | Marketing Consulting


"The tighter you pull, the stronger the bond."

The founder of SquareKnot Advisory Partners came to us with this concept in mind – Krative delivered.

Brand Strategy | Web Design | SEO | Marketing Consulting


Uma's self-proclaimed "non-woowoo" approach is one that evokes a sense of spirituality for all on a journey of growth. Her tool-set? Coaching & tarot reading.

Brand Strategy | Corporate Identity | Web Design

Odyssey Advisors

This organization would not settle for the same brand positioning it had benefited from for years. Rather, the president of this organization approached Krative for a complete renaming and brand identity overall. 

Franklin Communities Logo by Krative
Brand Strategy & Design | Web Design | Marketing Consulting

Franklin Communities

Several distinctly different apartment complexes had been competing with each other... the problem?
They were all owned by the same organization. 

Krative created a unified brand identity for the entire community.

Brand Strategy & Development | Web Design | Marketing Consulting


This brand needed an identity that matched the reputation it had built over 50 years.

Dinto Electrical Contractors brand design by Krative
Corporate Identity | Brand Strategy | Web Design | Marketing Consulting

The Healing Corner

The premier medical marijuana dispensary in CT – well, once they worked with Krative to create their brand strategy and identity for a cannabis dispensary.

The work Krative performed for The Healing Corner allowed it to successfully grow to the point where it would be acquired by a nation-wide medical cannabis company.

Brand Strategy & Development | Web Design | Marketing Consulting


Concussion & Vestibular Hypofunction issues can now be treated from the comfort of your own home.