Real Talk is a mission-driven podcast, created in collaboration with Southern Connecticut State University's office of DEI, dedicated to addressing higher education's role in social justice. As a platform for authentic and vulnerable discussions, the podcast delves into current events, student activism, and allyship.

SCSU Real Talk


Recognizing the Real Talk team's unwavering passion and their aspiration to create a positive impact on their campus and beyond, we embarked on a mission to refine their brand to authentically reflect their dedication and articulate their mission to diverse target audiences.

Our engagement began with an in-depth brand discovery phase, uncovering the internal core values driving Real Talk and the motivations that fuel their team. By immersing ourselves in the essence of their brand, understanding their various target audiences, and learning their vision, we moved into brand identity design. Collaboratively, we crafted a contemporary, bold direction, resonating with the raw and powerful conversations that have become synonymous with the podcast. Additionally, we honed their brand messaging, enabling them to communicate their purpose effectively, captivating and connecting with their target audience. We carefully crafted the tagline "Reimagining Social Justice in Higher Ed" to succinctly encapsulate the essence of the podcast.

Empowered with a dynamic visual identity and compelling messaging, we designed a range of marketing collateral pieces, including captivating podcast covers, eye-catching social media templates, engaging digital advertisements, and impactful printed marketing materials for on and off campus brand awareness.

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