Site Audit & SEO Boost Special

(This offer's special pricing is only available to existing clientele)

Are you keeping up... in search engine ranking? We'd like to audit your site and report those findings back to you.

Google changes their algorithm frequently in accordance with new technology and new search patterns. As such, it is important to perform regular site & SEO audits and maintenance to ensure that your content is seen as fresh, relevant, and accessible. We’re offering a special end-of-year promotion to existing clientele (past and present) to ensure your website is performing as well as it can be.

What's Included?

Site Speed Audit

To discover the areas of improvement for your site’s search engine optimization.

Image Compression

To decrease overall resource usage and improve performance.

Caching Setup & Optimization

To increase overall site speed (and how Google ranks you accordingly)

Setup & Connection of Google’s Analytics & Search Console

If your Google Analytics & Search Consoles are not connected to one another, then you are missing out on important search ranking insights (i.e. keyword ranking and average position in Google’s Search Results).


We'll do all the hard work to improve your site's rankability. A few of the technical checks & fixes:

HTML Tag Checking & Fixing
  • Analyze & Fix Meta Titles & Descriptions
  • Unique & Relevant H1 Tags for every page
Content Quality Assessment
  • Low Word Count Pages Report
  • Duplicate Pages/Content Check
  • Image check
  • Missing alt tag check 
  • URL Errors Report

Program Details

SEO Boost - 3 month program

3 Month Program

Designed for immediate results

This program has been designed to provide an analysis of your site's performance and current ranking. These details will be used to create your site's unique plan to improve overall SEO ranking.

Efficient & Effective Service

Since I started my business in web design in 2006, we've learned a few things about site offering performance maintenance and search engine marketing. Clients don't want to pay an arm and a leg for regular maintenance to keep their site ranking as it should – nor do they want someone who will promise the world and under-deliver on results. 

This package is designed specifically for our existing clientele who understand that strong results in search engines requires a consistent effort to maintain your site. As such, we're offering you this package at a very cost effective price-point with an incredible value of our services included.

Within the first month, we will do a deep dive on our site's performance and current ranking (site speed, HTML and meta tag best practices, content quality, URL inspection, google ranking, etc.). By the time we move into month two, we will have reviewed the results of our assessment and created a plan for action in the coming month. Finally, we will move into our third month with all of our maintenance, fixes, and essential updates in place – and a report of our initial results to review with you.

Special Pricing

Paid in two deposits of $425

Regularly $1,250

$425 Deposit - Due upon commencement of services

$425 Deposit - Billed upon delivery of report in month 3.

*Must sign on before 1/31/2020
and be an existing (or previous) client of Krative, LLC.

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