About the Project

Christopher Gavin came to us in need of building a brand identity strategy that would take SquareKnot Advisory Partners to the next level. He has been in business with his own practice for over 17 years but has always been under a parent company name. With SquareKnot Advisory Partners he wanted to carve out an identity that works for his unique style and process of establishing successful, long-term relationships, with his clients.

We began by defining Christopher’s core values that motivate and drive him to create the brand experience he currently offers. We then used those core values to build a framework which aligned the brand identity to a long-term business model with unique brand positioning.

With the clarity from our discovery process we were then able design the visual identity of his brand by creating a logo system, stationery, marketing collateral, business process documents, and presentation material. We continue serving Christopher’s brand strategy needs through ongoing consulting and advise on his web and marketing efforts.


What we did

  • Brand Development
  • Logo Design
  • Strategy & Consulting
  • Print Design

"Krative in New Haven has been the architect, mentor, and emotional [support], as we worked through six months to turn this abstract thing into something simple and strong. They brought clarity to who we are and what we stand for. By building the SquareKnot Advisory Partners brand, we took 17 years of my practice working with clients, building relationships, and establishing a reputation and turning it into a brand that I can nurture and continue to share."

Christopher Gavin